It’s Time To Create A Wellness Movement.

It Is Possible To Get People To Take Ownership Of Their Careers, Their Lives, And Their Performance. 

It Is Possible To Create A Culture Of Wellness In Your Organization.



Is your wellness programming meeting the challenges and needs of your people?

Employees Commonly Feel...

...fatigued, experience brain fog, deal with chronic pain, struggle with sleep, and many suffer from depression and anxiety. Are your employees also in this category?

Typical Wellness Programs...

... geared towards weight loss, hydration, and movement might enhance someone’s health but aren’t going to get to the root cause of the issue or create long-term behavioral change.

Achieving Health & Happiness is About...

...creating new habits, practicing consistency, and making one high-quality choice that builds on the next to fuel long-term transformation. It’s about setting new routines. It’s about consistency. It’s about making high-quality choices!

The Healthy Roots Wellness Program will meet the needs of you, your team and your budget.

For the price of a coffee and a muffin per employee, this wellness experience will not only create change but is manageable to implement!

You’re strategic in every other area of your business, why wouldn’t that carry over to your wellness programming? 

The Healthy Roots Corporate Wellness Program gives you everything you need to create lasting life-change for your employees. PLUS we make implementation a breeze!

This program was developed with three goals in mind: 

  1. To create ease for the Wellness Director
  2. To provide high-value, comprehensive, whole-health education that addresses the top health concerns in your organization
  3. To offer an affordable option for any size business

The benefits of the program extend far beyond physical health. When you provide an opportunity for employees and their families to increase their whole wellbeing you can expect to attract the best candidates, retain employees and create a culture people appreciate and enjoy working in. That, my friend, is priceless. 

Healthy Roots Wellness Program


Your team will receive inspiration, impactful education experiences and simple strategies to implement no matter how busy life might be.

Our program is comprehensive, research-based, easy to implement, and honors various learning styles.

Provides consistent messaging across multiple platforms with all coursework and live classes hosted virtually.

Program material is accessible from desk, on the road during business travel, and anytime at home.

Monthly Materials

Each month, we provide your Wellness Director with relevant and specialized content to create lasting change but is as easy to distribute as hitting "send" on an email.

This program puts a focus on shifting mindset on health, building awareness about current health status, and helping participants identify and achieve goals utilizing various educational tools,  that include live virtual classes, newsletters, inspirational mini moments, interactive online course, and more.
Employees will learn how to address the root cause of disease and incorporate simple strategies into their daily routine that will provide robust observable change in their energy level, focus, and productivity.
Your employees will be challenged to participate in their own wellness in a new way. This program helps them keep their focus on making one HIGH-QUALITY CHOICE at a time.

"Angela’s teaching has made a huge impact on improving the quality of health for our employees. Angela is very approachable and has a warm down to earth speaking style; sharing her own stories and making our employees feel comfortable in reaching out to her. She assists with valuable tools to improve lifestyle and make healthy choices. Our employees look forward to her visits and her health talks. I think she is the best!"








Message From Angela


Make the Difference

This program is completely customizable to the needs of your business and addresses the TOP 8 HEALTH CHALLENGES facing our world today:

Heart Health

Obesity/ Diabetes







Your employees will be challenged to participate in their own wellness in a new way. This program helps them keep their focus on making one HIGH-QUALITY CHOICE at a time.

This is how transformation takes place!