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Do your habits and lifestyle stand up to the pressures and challenges of daily life?

Most People Commonly Feel...

...fatigued, experience brain fog, deal with chronic pain, struggle with sleep, and many suffer from depression and anxiety. Are you also in this category?

It's Tough to Navigate on Your Own . . .

... when we're inundated with information and managing the responsibilities of work and home.  Healthy Roots ONE will provide you simple guidance one week at a time to create ease and help you live your best life!  

Igniting Health, Resilience & Happiness is About...

...creating new habits, practicing consistency, and making one high-quality choice that builds on the next to fuel long-term transformation. It’s about building awareness, being clear about your goals and making simple shifts. 

Healthy Roots ONE will meet your health needs, your busy lifestyle AND your budget.

For the price of a coffee and a muffin per week, this wellness experience will not only create change but is simple, effective and maintenance free!

You’re strategic in every other area of your life, why wouldn’t that carry over to your own health and wellness? 

Healthy Roots ONE gives you everything you need to create lasting life-change for yourself. PLUS we make your experience a breeze!

This program was developed with three goals in mind: 

  1. To create ease for busy, stressed and overwhelmed individuals
  2. To deliver simple yet comprehensive, whole-health education & inspiration
  3. To provide cost-effective access to every member

The benefits of the program extend far beyond physical health. When you provide yourself an opportunity to increase your health and happiness, you can expect to elevate every area of life, achieve greater success in your career and cultivate a positive environment where ever you go.

That, my friend, is priceless. 



You will receive inspiration, impactful education experiences, plus simple strategies for implementation, no matter how busy life might be.

Our program is comprehensive, research-based, easy to implement, and honors various learning styles.

Provides consistent messaging delivered straight to your inbox and live Sit-N-Sip classes hosted virtually.

Program material accessible from desk, on the road during business travel, and anytime at home.

Monthly Materials

You'll be provided focused, relevant and specialized content to create lasting change. Access to everything is as simple as clicking "open" in an email.

Healthy Roots ONE provides simple strategies to help you focus on your health from week to week.  There's nothing better than having a guide lead the way and we're here to create ease, inspire change and build healthy transformation one step at a time.
You will learn how to address the root cause of disease and incorporate simple strategies into your daily routine that will provide robust observable change in your health, resilience and happiness.
You'll be excited to participate in your personal health & happiness in a new, positive way. Healthy Roots ONE creates ease, keeps you focused on the things that matter most, and elevates every area of life.  

"Angela’s love, compassion and genuine interest in helping people is palpable and you can tell she is thoroughly invested in your successful journey towards living your best life.  I highly recommend that you experience what Angela has to offer, be it as a part of a large audience or individually – she will open your eyes, turn on that light bulb and give something special to all she connects with."

Elizabeth Brazil, CMP

Making a Difference

Healthy Roots ONE is designed to address the TOP 8 HEALTH CHALLENGES facing our world today:

Heart Health

Obesity/ Diabetes







You will be challenged to participate in your personal wellness in a new way and focus on making one HIGH-QUALITY CHOICE at a time.

This is how transformation takes place!


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